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Check Out Our Ghost Orchid Picture

I just added our Ghost Orchid picture to the website.

Ghost Orchid
Ghost Orchid

This photograph was taken in early July. Ghost Orchids bloom in the peak of mosquito season. We were wading in water just below our waist. Tanin in the water makes water visibility almost zero. With her camera equipment just inches from the water surface, Nancy couldn’t afford to trip over the abundant cypress knees or step in a solution hole. Water moccasins and alligators were also well represented.

Dendrophylax lindenii, which is in the Vandeae family, is a leafless perennial epiphyte native to Florida, Cuba, and the Bahamas. It is found in swampy forests. It is endangered, with only about 2,000 remaining in Florida. Cultivation is nearly impossible, and wild-caught orchids die within a year (and yet it suffers from heavy poaching). The Ghost Orchid does not flower reliably. The giant sphinx moth, the only insect with a long enough proboscis, pollinates the Ghost Orchid at night.

For more information (and a larger picture), check out our website.

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