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We Have A New Phone This Season

I forgot to mention that for most of last season and through the summer, Nancy has been pressuring me to get a new smartphone so that it doesn’t take so long to process credit card transactions during art festivals. Usually, for the two to three minutes it would take me to get credit card approval on her not-so-smart vintage cell phone (if the reception was good and I didn’t make a mistake), Nancy would keep the customer’s mind occupied with stories about some of our other work. Well, two days before our first show of the season, I finally got it.

I went with the Samsung Galaxy J1, their newest entry-level phone. I’m using Verizon; we’ve spent a lot of time in the wilderness, where the phone coverage tends to be spotty. In those cases where only one person in our group could get a signal, that person usually had Verizon.

I’m also changing my merchant services (credit card processing) company to Square. For non-festival buyers, I may soon use Square when I set up a cart on our website. This is still new to me, and I am still optimizing our operating procedures and finding new uses for our equipment. Please stay tuned and be patient. Thanks.

The new number is (786) 779-5613. Our old work number is still fine most days of the week and some weekends.





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