Quiz: What Paper Size?

Last updated on February 3rd, 2020 at 10:04 pm

Here’s another math problem inspired by real life! Each correct answer could earn you five dollars ($5) off any of our products or services (to redeem in person, just print and show your certificate).  Good luck!

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Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper for your large printer comes in 100-foot rolls that can either be 16" wide, or 24", or 36", or 44".  When you print, your printer automatically adds an inch before and after the print before cutting the roll.

If you have to print an image that is 33" by 40", and the price per square inch is the same for all choices, which roll should you use?
It turns out that a roll of 16" paper costs $100, the 24" would be $135, the 36" is $195, and the 44" is $230 (including tax, shipping, etc.).  How would this affect your answer?

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