ArtiGras Is This Weekend

Thanks to snow somewhere up north, we made it off the waiting list at the last minute so our string of consecutive appearances at this festival remains unbroken and increases to sixprevious. There will be more than 300 artists expecting around 85 thousand visitors over the three-day weekend. On Saturday, February 16th, and Sunday, it will be open from 10 am to 6 pm. The hours for Presidents’ Day (Monday) are from 10 to 5.  The festival will be along Central and University Boulevards in the downtown Abacoa area in Jupiter.

For more information, including a more detailed festival map (where you can notice the positions of the three entrances in relation to the centralized information booth shown above), see their website (

There will also be live entertainment, artist demonstrations, children’s interactive art activities, and a Youth Art Competition Gallery. There is an entrance fee. For tickets (which are less expensive if purchased in advance), click here.

We will be in Booth 416, close to the north entrance. Come by and say “Hello”.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Our website has long been due for an update (and even routine maintenance), and now there are two people working on it (both of whom seem to have a full plate of other responsibilities). I just counted eight of Nancy’s photographs that weren’t yet even listed on the site yet. That is what I’m chipping away at now. I have finished with “Osprey Family”, which I introduced in an earlier post* and is Nancy’s most recent addition to our collection. Now I’m going to tell you about “Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse”.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse
Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse under a full moon.

We were in Jupiter for the ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival* the weekend of a full moon, so after setting up for the show we did some exploring and came upon the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. We couldn’t find a suitable perspective from the lighthouse grounds (the lighthouse was on a small mound with trees around it), so took this picture from the drawbridge on US-1 over the Loxahatchee River. The sidewalk on the east side of this 1958 bridge is narrow, and because of the longer exposure necessary for a night shot (⅛ second), the camera was on a tripod, but when the front two legs of the tripod were against the edge, the back leg was in the street and our butts were in traffic. The bridge tender looked at us as if we were crazy. Automobile traffic would rattle the bridge, ruining our shot, so we needed the unsynchronized traffic lights on both sides of the bridge to be red together for at least twenty seconds so we could let the traffic clear the bridge and then compose our shot. While we were waiting, the moon was trying to exit the scene more quickly than most non-astronomers realize. We also needed the light’s beam to be in a convenient location (It gives two flashes every 30 seconds, meaning that during the twenty second period of common red described above, it might not even show). Eventually (with a little divine help) everything came together, we got the shot, and lived happily ever after – but until then there were some long tense moments.

ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival Will Be Valentine’s Day/Presidents’ Day Weekend

This will be the festival’s 31st anniversary, and our third time attending (which would make it our second anniversary?).  It will again be at the Abacoa Town Center in Jupiter, Florida. On Saturday, February 13th and Sunday the hours are 10 am to 6 pm. It closes an hour earlier on Monday. Tickets are ten dollars in advance or twelve dollars at the gate. The Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, the producers, expect about 85 thousand visitors and 300 artists.  For more information, their website is

We’ll be back in Jupiter for ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival on Presidents’ weekend.

This will be the festival’s 30th anniversary, and our second as participants (due to an oversight on our part, we almost didn’t make it).  It will again be in the Abacoa Town Center in Northern Palm Beach County.  On Valentines Day (Saturday, February 14th) and Sunday, it will be open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm.  On Monday it closes an hour earlier (10 am to 5 pm).  Tickets are $10 for all teenagers and beyond, but only $8 if purchased in advance.  They are again expecting 300 artists and 85,000 visitors.   For more information, go to the ArtiGras web site (

ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival is February 15 – 17, 2014

We have been accepted into the ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival on Presidents’ Day Weekend at Abacoa Town Center in Jupiter, Florida.  This will be our first time at this festival.  They are expecting 300 artists and 85,000 visitors for the three-day show.  The hours are 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, while on Monday the hours are 10 am to 5 pm.  Tickets are $10 at the gate, but you can save $2 by buying in advance.  Abacoa Town Center is east of I-95 and north of Donald Ross Road.  For more information, go to the ArtiGras web site (