Would “Pineland Fog” Look As Beautiful In Black And White?

A visitor asks about a black & white version of Pineland Fog.

Linda, a visitor to our booth at the Tamarac Art Festival, asked:

You have a piece titled “Pineland Fog.” Would it look as beautiful in black and white? Or would the sunrise not be appreciated in B & W?  Thanks for your insight.

We said

As you put it, we don’t think the sunrise would be fully appreciated in black & white. Although it seems almost like a monochrome already, the warm glow of the sun is very appealing and draws you into the picture (and Bruce doesn’t think the red-yellowish to blue-grayish gradient from bottom to top is that bad either).

But you can check it out yourself.

Pineland Fog (black & white version)
Pineland Fog (black & white version)

For comparison purposes, the original is at Pineland Fog

We actually think it is very nice in B & W. A metallic paper might go well here. We just like the original better.

But we would really like to hear your opinion.

Author: Bruce

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