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Island Joe’s

Island Joe's is a small building that's set back and easy to miss.
Island Joe’s is a small building that’s set back and may be easy to miss.

While at John’s Pass Seafood Festival last weekend, I discovered Island Joe’s Beach Cafe and Creperie. The festival in Madeira Beach was on the east side of Gulf Boulevard at John’s Pass Village, just past the bridge over John’s Pass as you are heading north. We were at the north end of the festival, and an artist neighbor referred me to this little place maybe a hundred yards further north for the great coffee she got there at last year’s festival – she likes hers simple and strong.

The coffee was good, even though this year there is a new cafe at the same spot with new owners. Now it is run by a family from “the Islands”; the matriarch cooks and her children help out with other duties.  You couldn’t ask for more friendly and courteous hosts, and they have remade the place all their own. Besides several trips for the coffee and atmosphere during the weekend, on Saturday I surprised Nancy with their “Wake d Farmer” breakfast crepe. Eggs, meat, cheese… it seemed to have everything, and it tasted great and was large enough for the both of us.

street sign for Island Joe's Beach Cafe
This is the street sign for Island Joe’s Beach Cafe

Watch for the sign because this little place is set back and may be easy to miss. That would be your loss. They have a Facebook page ( if you need more information.

By the way, I took these pictures with my new phone; neither the equipment nor the operator meets our regular company photography standards.


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