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Notes About Bird Flamboyance And Behavior

It is clear from Why You Haven’t Seen Any Painted Buntings that the Painted Bunting’s behavior is affected by its physical characteristics. There are risks associated with flamboyance. “Somewhere along their evolutionary path, male Painted Buntings had to choose between bright colors for better sex or more obscure colors for longer life. Speaking for males […]


How Nancy Got Her Painted Bunting Pictures

We’ve mentioned how skittish the Painted Buntings areblog; they make really lousy models.   We have two photographs of them in our collection. Nancy took Painted Bunting Pair in late March of 2010. Then she captured Male Painted Bunting early the next month. To get those pictures, Nancy had to set up a bird blind […]


Our Second Award at Woodstock Arts & Crafts Festival

We won an Honorable Mention award last weekend.  I don’t know exactly what the award was for; the judges showed some interest in a number of pieces, like God’s Artistry (, Oak Tree Graveyard (, Emerging Monarch (, Painted Bunting Pair (, and Pineland Fog (, but they didn’t mention a specific image when presenting […]