Introducing “Trees In Their Twilight”

Trees In Their Twilight
Trees In Their Twilight

After mentioning it in a recent postblog, I just got around to including this image on our website. Nancy took this photograph on the same beach and almost the exact same location as Oak Tree Graveyard (the tall branch structure at the edge of the island that is about 1/3 in from the right of this picture is the same as the one along the left edge of Oak Tree Graveyard). This one was taken right at sunset, while she took the other toward the end of nautical twilightdefinition. The difference is reflected in the photographic details, especially the shutter speed.  A future article on night photography may give more details about Oak Tree Graveyard (editor: see “Oak Tree Graveyard” – Our First Night Photograph).

Our Second Award at Woodstock Arts & Crafts Festival

We won an Honorable Mention award last weekend.  I don’t know exactly what the award was for;  the judges showed some interest in a number of pieces, like God’s Artistry (, Oak Tree Graveyard (, Emerging Monarch (, Painted Bunting Pair (, and Pineland Fog (, but they didn’t mention a specific image when presenting the award.  In some shows, it’s the whole body of your work that is considered.

That’s the second year in a row that we’ve won that award at this festival.  Wow, that’s neat.  Soon, you should be able to see our picture on their website (I’m guessing that it should be on the same page as last year (   Maybe next year we’ll win the grand prize.  Maybe someday we’ll be famous.   One can only dream . . . .