Nancy Receives 1st Place In Photography At Lutz

We just got back from the Lutz Arts & Crafts Festival in Odessa, Floridaannounced, where Nancy received her second award in less than a month. This is exciting! The image earning the award was God’s Artistry. Last year Nancy received 2nd Place in Photography at this same festivalannounced.

Interestingly, Timothy Hall, the gentleman we highlighted for receiving the highest award in our category at the Temple Terrace Arts & Crafts Festival last month announced, received 2nd Place in Photography this time.

Nancy Gets Second Place In Photography

At the Lutz Arts & Crafts Festivalannounced last weekend, Nancy received second place in photography. This was our first time in this festival. It was a small festival with more crafts than fine art (I believe Nancy was one of only four photographers, but the others were very good). We are thankful for the award and look forward to next year’s show.

We Are Sorry If We Missed You In Lutz (But Glad We Missed You On FL-40)

We were headed toward Tampa Friday from St. Augustine when Nancy, the driver, noticed that the van brakes weren’t working as she approached an intersection on FL-40 just east of Barberville. The trailer brakes helped save us from disaster, so then we pulled into a vacant lot and called a tow truck. Later that afternoon, the service rep at the Ford Dealer in Deland told us a part (the vacuum pump) wouldn’t be in until Monday. That killed our plans for the weekend (specifically the Lutz Arts and Crafts Festival) and delayed our return to Miami by one day. Again, if you were looking forward to seeing Nancy’s work or just wanted to talk nature and/or photography that weekend, we are sorry.

Since this is the second festival missed in so many months1st time (and the second ever), Nancy is beginning to wonder if it’s time to trade in the van. It’s a 2004 model with almost 158 thousand miles but has a diesel engine. This will take some more thought. Stay tuned.