Our Newest Image: ‘Cedar Key By Sea’

I finished this image on the fourth anniversary of the day we took it (no, that’s not bragging – just coincidence). But it is the third image we’ve introduced (see Introducing “Royal Terns” and Cedar Keys Lighthouse: A New Gigapan) from the fateful day that I ruined Nancy’s best camera and lensstory. We finished our […]

Business Images

Introducing “Royal Terns”

A couple of days after an art festival in Cedar Key two-and-a-half years ago, Nancy took this photograph from the bow of our new canoe on the north end of Seahorse Key before making the return trip to Cedar Key. Although the weather had been good all day, that trip did not finish well. You […]

Images Post-processing

Making “Eclipse Over Long Pine Key”

Our latest image, Eclipse Over Long Pine Key, of the solar eclipse in August in the Everglades was by far our most complicated yet. While spending hours and hours overcoming challenges in post-processing, I wondered if I was wasting my time – would anybody even be interested in the results and was each of these […]