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Tag: Central Park Art Festival

  • Winter Haven Art Festival Begins March 19th

    We have been to the Victor Smith Law Group Central Park Art Festival seven times, and have won two awardsLatest. This festival occupies the two blocks of Central Park between West 4th and 5th Streets Northwest and between Avenue B and Central Avenue. It will be open from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday,…

  • Nancy Wins Award In Winter Haven

    There were four photographers among about forty artists at the 43rd Central Park Art Festival last weekendschedule. Nancy was proud to receive an Honorable Mention for her work. Another photographer received a higher award, and artist Danny O’ Driscollwebsite received Best of Show for “his nearly-photographic wildlife paintings,” according to reporter James Coulter in the…

  • Winter Haven’s New Virtual Art Festival

    Since being forced to cancel their 42nd annual art festival, the Ridge Art Association has decided to have a virtual Central Park Art Festival this same weekend. Anyone who would like to order something while visiting this virtual art festival will save 10% if they use the coupon code they find on their site.  You…

  • Picture Of Nancy Was In The Lakeland Ledger

    For what it’s worth, here’s a picture of Nancy at work at the Winter Haven Central Park Art Festivalschedule last March. You can read the whole article (which has even more information than the print version) at or by clicking on the picture above. (rev 11/23/21)

  • Nancy Received Honorable Mention At Winter Haven

    At Ridge Art Association‘s Central Park Art Festival in Winter Haven the weekend of March 19th, Nancy received an Honorable Mention. I’m having trouble confirming it, but I think she was the only photographer to win an award at this festival.