Cape Coral Cancels

It was only two weeks ago that we announced our acceptance into the Cape Coral Arts & Music Festivalblog. The City of Cape Coral has just canceled the event due to concerns about the latest COVID surge. Now the Rotary Club is talking about a month-long virtual event, but we haven’t resolved that yet. We will let you know if we come up with anything definite. Thanks for your patience.

We Will Be In Cape Coral In Mid-January

This will be our third time participating in this festival (our first time was 2014). We were supposed to participate last winter but Nancy herniated a discblog. The Cape Coral Arts & Music Festival will be on Saturday, January 12th, 2019 & Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm on both days. Put on by the Rotary Club of Cape Coral since 1985, it will again be along Cape Coral Parkway. Admission is free. They are expecting over 100,000 visitors to 300 artists. For more information about this 34th annual festival, go to

We Will NOT Be At Cape Coral Next Weekend

This is shaping up to be a strange season. Last week, while working in the garden, Nancy developed a slight pain in the right hip/butt area that grew very painful within 12 hours, spreading as far as the knee, and has been with her ever since. Apparently, she herniated another disk (similar, but more painful than the one she herniated in 1991). She is scheduled for back surgery Wednesday, but won’t be ready to travel or set up for the Cape Coral Arts & Music Festival next Friday. Cape Coral is the first of six art festivals scheduled on consecutive weekends, so we may have more cancellations before she gets better. We (and the doctors) are monitoring her condition carefully and I will keep you advised of any developments.