Caveat On Prices

The price of a package of the specified item is listed in green. Sometimes more than one choice is given. The total price for the number of items needed for one panel is in red, based on the most economical choice and prorating the package price when only a partial package is needed. The total price includes the legs but not a second side of hardware cloth. Total price of each item is rounded up to the next nickel.

These prices were found at a Home Depot in Miami in December, 2018. They should only be considered samples. Home Depot was chosen for convenience only; I mean no disrespect to Lowe's or other franchises or any of our local hardware stores, any of which might well have better prices and/or better selection.

If an item at Home Depot was out of stock on my visit, I found the price of a substitute.

For comparison purposes the total cost, comparing these prices with those of my original 2010 notes, has gone up over 20%.

Prices do not include sales tax.

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