Our White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird Image

This image was originally part of our “Trinidad & Tobago” collection introduced in 2012. We unceremoniously added it to our regular collection a few years ago, but I failed to make the transfer on the website and when I later discontinued the Trinidad collection all mention of this image disappeared with it. So here it is again, new and improved.

White-necked jacobin
White-necked jacobin

For more information (and a larger picture), check out our website.

Trinidad & Tobago Pictures

We were in Trinidad & Tobago from June 14th through June 24th with Brian Rapoza and the Tropical Audubon Society.  I’ve added 96 pictures to the new Trinidad & Tobago page.  This page has a slightly cleaner, more efficient look.  It took me about two weeks of work, and just about triples the size of the Bee Happy Graphics website.

Now I am revising the Products and Services section to emphasize what we can do with YOUR pictures (enhance, print, and frame).  The price lists will also be updated.  Then I’ll improve our biographical information.  I might even get to that shopping cart I promised.  Stay tuned.